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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A Spiritual Discipline

A couple of people were somewhat taken aback by my assertion that anyone could have a spiritual discipline, even an atheist.

Let me give you the basics for this. A spiritual discipline requires that you connect to something outside yourself that is greater than you, something that you can put yourself in "service" to.

A person's connection to this will help to develop and mature one's ethics and conscience.

For those who look to the religious side of things this is pretty easy as God is by definition greater than self.

For an atheist, the choice might be something like community. The feeling of connection to others, having a common set of goals and the possibility of continuity beyond the death of the self. These qualities can develop conscience.

Conscience, which means "to know together" is perhaps the thing that most defines us as human, and as martial artists it is a faculty we need refine. Beyond just a faculty that tells us what is right and wrong, conscience is what helps us get past our ego and self centeredness.

I hope that this helps clear things a bit


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