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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Not only NO!

But HELL NO!!!!!!!

The LA Times has an interesting article today. It shows just how much contempt the Republican party (and their Democrat dupes) hold the citizens of this country in.

there has been a slow, quiet movement to amend the constitution to allow a person not born a citizen of the US to hold the office of President.

The person in question is of course Arnold Schwarzenegger, That misogynistic, cigar smoking, Whore house trolling, steroid guzzling, womanizing, grubber after special interest money (all alleged of course, by people who are no doubt un-American).

We can't elect a Black man to to the office, or a woman, or a Jew, or a Latino, but we can go outside of our own born citizens and recruit a two bit actor from Austria with a Nazi father to be our president? I think not!

And before you fascist Republican sons of bitches start complaining about bringing Arny's father into this, you all know as sure as you were born that if Clinton had a father in the KKK you would have been all over it! So shut the FUCK UP with your holier than thou Bull Shit.

For that matter, the Republicans wasted millions hounding Clinton for getting a blow job, but The Terminator is legend in Hollywood for his woman chasing, according to people who should know, he has the locations of all the best brothels committed to memory. This doesn't seem to bother the "family values" folk at all.

Well I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take it any more.

I don't think that Americans are the morons that the republicans seem to take us for. It is time to gut the republican beast and expose the rot that has been festering deep in its bowels since the days of Reagan and his voodoo economics.

You know of course that it was Reagan who gave us the homeless crisis when he was governor of California don't you? Yep, he slashed the mental health budget for the state, closed half the state hospitals, dumped the patients out onto the street to fend for themselves as best they could. Along with the ones who were just lost and unable to take care of their needs he also let lose the two worst serial killers in California history. (I was working in the mental health field at the time and got to watch this happen)

Schwarzenegger will do the same. He is already looking for special interest money from outside California to fund all those initiatives he wants to pass (read that as selling California out).

So It is time to stop this bull shit and put these Neo-Con Dominionist fascists in their place (which is nowhere in our government)

Or are they right and we ARE a bunch of sheep?


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