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Monday, February 14, 2005

Ignorance is curable

But stupidity is often terminal

Unfortunately the stupid often take a lot of people with them when they self-destruct.

It seems as if my small column on why Iran does not like or trust us has ruffled a few feathers.

While I won't bore you all with the interesting bits of hate mail this topic has generated, there is one example of the sort of stupidity I am talking about that I want to bring to your attention because it is so indicative of the exact quality of historical ignorance I was referring to in my last article. There is no excuse for this sort of ignorant commentary since the facts are there for anyone to read if they bother to take the time to do so rather than acting from political fantasy.

It seems that one of my readers, finding what I had to say on the subject interesting and posted this message to a self defense forum:

quote: For a different view on the subject check out 'Why Iran Wants "The Bomb"
For which I thank him, as it is always nice when people think what you have to say on a subject is interesting.

Of course this being something of a Right Wing forum from what I can tell, there was the immediate attempt to invalidate my points, unfortunately the fellow doing so obviously doesn't go beyond double digits in the IQ department.

Our erstwhile commentator starts out with this telling volley;

I dont think the writer of this article knows his history very well!
Well, perhaps not. Let's see..... I did live in Iran for a bit a couple of years before the Shah fell, I speak the language OK, (but am a little rusty these days) and I am a professional researcher with something like 30 years experience in the history of the middle east, But perhaps this fellow, who judging from his writing abilities, has a satisfying career in the food service industry, has access to historical documents that we mere scholars are not privy to.

Our friend points this out as a telling argument;

The country "Iran" didnt come about until 1935 after 20 years of trying to form a constitution.

What he doesn't realize is that it is a convention to refer to the region as either Persia or Iran and everyone understands that you are talking about the same place (at least everyone with an education) as illustrated here, where the name Iran is used throughout the timeline. He also fails to notice that the first constitution put into effect in Iran was in 1906.

He goes on to say;

Prior to 1935 the territory was known as Persia and was part of the Perian Empire which has been controlled by everyone from the Byzamtine Empire to Alexander the Great to the Mongols to the Arabians to the Nazi's.

Would it be petty of me to point out that "Persia" is a western word, from the Greek word for the area, "Persis", not the name by which it was known to the people who actually lived there? Can you guess what they actually called their country? No? Perhaps you should look it up.

I should also be petty if I pointed out that Byzantium never controlled Iran, nor did the Nazis. Even a cursory check would have shown this.

Then we have this bit of stupidity;

In the 1940's Allied Forces invaded Nazi-occupied Persia and Iran became a close Allie to America.

If this fellow had done ANY research he would have known that this is not true. Iran was never occupied by the Nazis, look it up. Check this again.

Then he graces us with this bit of wisdom;

This lasted successfully until 1979 when a group of religious scholars lead a revolution that overthrew the ruling monarchy and placed the Shah of Iran into exile. That same year they established a theocratic system of Government and attacked the US Embassy which lead to Americans being held captive for almost a year.

Yep, it was so successful that the duly elected parliament ran the Shah out of the country and took their natural resources back from the British.. If this fool calls 26 years of living in the shadow of SAVAK a success then may he have the same.

Then the topper;

Draw your own conclusions. But, i think religion has alot to do with this countries hate for america as it does with islamic fundamentalist terrorism.


This is why we are going to hell in a handbasket, because too many people like this guy look for convenient answers that allow them to avoid examining our responsibility in these events. I sure it is a whole lot more comforting to say that Iranians hate us because of their religion than it is to think that they hate us because we destroyed their democratic government and installed a dictator who killed anyone who looked sideways at him.

Sometimes I think that way too many people think being American is all about ducking the responsibility for our mistakes.

Then This fellow chimes in with this comment;

I have to agree with quest on that and also...notice they don't mention that we had to take the lesser of the two evils and go with that? No one mentions that....I wonder why!

Ron K....................
One wonders which two evils this guy is referring to? The evil of a country having a duly elected democratic government that would like to control its own resources verses a murderous despot who will sell cheap oil to the US?

What this fellow fails to realize is that we didn't have the right to choose for the Iranian people.

If we had been a little less greedy Iran would have been our best friend in the middle east

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