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Monday, February 07, 2005

Here is an interesting bit of news

By this time next week I will have my own internet radio program.

Is that weird or what?

It will be part of a 24 hour station through Live 365 and my little section will include a "talk show" with interviews and commentary. I will be doing some interesting interviews, I intend to interview a good number of martial arts teachers, especially those who are doing really interesting work but never seem to find their way into the martial arts Rags. One of the first will be Guru Bobbe Edmonds, who is one of the up and coming young Silat teachers here in the US.

I will also be trying to convince some of my writer friends to spend an hour talking with me about various interesting things. As a matter of fact I will be gettting any number of people from all manner of strange and interesting fields to give interviews.

When I am not talking to people, or making fun of the Right Wing nut jobs who have taken over America there will be all manner of different music being played as well as other talks and lectures for your amusement.

It could be a lot of fun.


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