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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Bloggingsphere Update

You just never know what's going to happen when you start something new.

My blog has been going now for almost three months and I am still enjoying it. More importantly other people seem to be as well, and that is just too kewl.

I seem to have about a hundred readers who drop in an a fairly regular basis, and it is really gratifying to know that there are people who find my ramblings to be either informative or amusing.

I was surprised to discover that I am listed in some places as an "Islamic Blog".

Well this is not an "Islamic Blog". While I am a Muslim, I consider a lot of what some people try to pass off as "Islamic" blogs or websites to actually be examples of obsessive-compulsive mono-maniacal religious ideation. It has been my experience that focusing on any one aspect of one's life to the exclusion of all others produces dangerously unbalanced individuals.

So my blog is about whatever I think is important, and will include everything from what I think about the God-human connection to good ways of improving your ability to keep your knife on target for best effect when sticking it in a bad guy. (And everything in between).

In some ways I think that this blog is my "Book of Five Rings", my thoughts and ideas about what I have found useful in a long and adventurous life. While I do not claim to be anything close to Musashi, I have managed to learn one or two things that I think may be useful to others.

This is a Human Blog

I am happy to report that my friend Steve Barnes' blog Dar Kush, has taken off and is going great guns!

Steve is getting a very good readership and his comments section is getting more activity that a lot of internet forums. I have to find a way to let people post more than 1000 characters, because some of the conversations there are quite detailed.

If you are interested in writing or self improvement, you need to check his blog out.

The Cool Blue Blog is still going strong and is providing a concise view of the Right wing viewpoint.

I have recently found THE counterpoint to the Cool Blue Blog, which is called Crooks and Liars. It gives a very different view of politics that is a pleasant change from what you might find on Fox News.

I have come to the conclusion that the so called "Right and the so called "Left" are just living in mirror image fantasies. Nothing that either side says makes sense any more. All I see is that each side spends all its time telling us why they are completely "right" and the other is completely "wrong", My opinion is that both sides have their collective heads inserted firmly up their arses and between the two "Sides", they will destroy this country.

If only each side would use some of their time and money to do an honest assessment of themselves and correct their own problems there might be some hope for the US, but I don't see this happening.

Small Flightless Bird is still giving us a delightfully Canadian view of the world.

Nietzscheswife over at Ecce Mulier took a vacation for part of last month. It was interesting to note how much I missed her writing while she was gone. If you haven't checked out what she has to say, you really should.

Jennifer St. Clair is still writing at DisOrganization and I am still enjoying what she has to say. One very kewl thing that emerged over the last couple of weeks is that two of her book made, and are staying at the number 1 and 2 slots on the Fictionwise best seller list. They are both quite good, and if you like fantasy books you might want to pick them up. Being eBooks they are very affordable.

Men Who Blog, and the Women Who Outdo Them

I have been told that something like 80% of all bloggers are female. From a quick check this does seem to be the case.

I am also told that most of the men who start blogs make a few entries, the get distracted and wander off to do something, leaving their blog orphaned, this also does seem to be true.

But there are some guys that are blogging regularly that I have found to be exceptions to these statements.

First is one I mentioned, whalesoundervish, written by my friend Azeem. He is not someone who writes everyday, but he has something to say.

Another is Kwasi, who is here in the states from Ghana working on his Ph.D in applied physics, and writes at Ramblings of an African geek. You will find some very interesting thoughts here, as well as evidence that comic books may speak a universal language.

Then there is the blog of Phil Ledgerwood, who occasionally comments here on this blog. Phil is an interesting guy, check him out.

Finally, the is instant gratification, the blog of a fellow named Don who live in the Mid-West and is a student of FMA. As it turns out he also reads my blog and likes it. I enjoy reading his, but he reminds me more than a little of myself when I was a lot younger. (more that a touch of rowdiness in his nature, but in a good way)

So keep up the good work guys, and remember, you're representing for the gender.


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