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Saturday, February 05, 2005

And for you Grapplers

The last guy I saw get himself killed was a grappler.

I am not sure what style, but he looked like he had some skills.

He got into a "street" altercation with another guy, words were exchanged, names were called, things were said that perhaps should not have been.

The grappler did a textbook perfect shoot for a one leg takedown, the other guy hit him once in the back of the neck as he was going to the ground, then he got up and ran away, As it happened, he has a small knife held ice pick style, he punched it into the back of the grappler's neck, severing the spinal cord. It shut the grappler off quicker than the bedroom lights at a frat party.

Everything changes if the other guy already has a knife in his hand.

So for you grapplers who want to test your skills, put on a white tee shirt and give a friend a soft tipped marking pen (the ones with the square felt tips), get to rolling, after you have submitted your partner, count the number of stabs and cuts, decide if you would survive them (be honest).

Again, making assumptions about your skills without testing them against someone who is not cooperating is a good way to get a one way ride to the cemetery.

Your misunderstandings can be corrected in your school, but you can't fix being dead.


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