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Friday, February 11, 2005

America, or at least part of it

Is catching up to East Africa on certain important social issues.

Florida has just eased some restrictions on the use of deadly force, making it easer to defend yourself without fear of legal hassles. (Read This)

In Tanzania, if someone breaks into your house (which happens all too often) and you kill the robber, there is no problem, everyone understands that this is what is supposed to happen and there will be no big police investigation, and you will not be sued by the bad guy's family for messing with his "rights" (though it is not inconceivable that some friend might come looking for some pay-back).

If someone tries to rob you on the street and you kill him it is not a big deal either, as a matter of fact if you only wound the robber the people on the street will in all likelihood lynch the bad guy for you.

Being as there is not a lot of police protection and the courts are very bribable, "frontier justice" is very common. No one wants to see a robber back on the street the next day because he can bribe a judge, assuming a cop was around and interested in arresting him in the first place.

The thing is, there is not a lot of police protection in the States these days in a lot of places. When I lived in Southern Oregon there was never more than two Sheriff patrols for the whole county. Unless there were a violent crime happening they would not respond, nor would they investigate anything other than a violent crime. In other words, you were on your own unless you lived in a town big enough to have a police force, and even then you were not going to get much help.

But in the States, you can get into big trouble in a lot of places if you defend yourself from a robber. BIG TROUBLE!

Here is the problem, the Bush regime is ruining the US economy and a lot of places are going to end up with the same problem as Southern Oregon, not enough money to have an effective police force. This is not speculation, it is already happening folks.

So you may want to do a couple of things. The first is to help reduce crime in your state. How do you do this? Make sure your State is a "concealed carry on demand" state, meaning that any citizen who can pass the review can carry a pistol. Now I am not a "Pro gun" person, I would be happy if all guns everywhere just up and disappeared tomorrow. But, and this is a big but, there is now hard evidence that an armed populace in a State lowers the crime rate. Don't take my word for it though, check it out for yourself.

The other thing? Make sure that your State adopts the same deadly force rules as Florida. You can do that you know, the people in office are there at your pleasure, not the other way around, so if your State senate won't do this recall them and put some people in office that will.


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