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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Where is the Music?

While on my impromptu trip to Up-State New York I have been giving a lot of thought to why there has been such a poor effort to encourage the government to stop its war in Iraq and to back off from the other evils that it is perpetrating on America.

The anti war protests I have seen, and the couple that I attended, were thin blooded passionless affairs compared to the protests during the Viet Nam war.

(“Kids these days!” he muttered under his breath, “In my day we knew how to have a protest.”)

It really seems to me that the people who would be (and should be) taking the US government to task for killing off our young men and women in a pointless war of aggression that we are not likely to ever come close to winning are beaten down under a cloud of collective shame for not being “good Americans” according to the “New Right”.

The Robber Barons, Neo Nazis, and Religious Fanatics who have taken control of America seem to have broken the back of all constructive resistance to their plans. Everybody seems too afraid that Rush Limbaugh might speak harshly about them.

As far as I can tell, there is no effective opposition to the present regime of blood suckers because of two things. One, there are no leaders with the charisma to rally enough support to effectively oppose the economic and spiritual strip mining of America.

Two, and most importantly, where is the Music????

During the time that America made real headway in recovering human rights the movement was lead by musicians and poets. Their words and music were the glue that held us together in the face of the tear gas, night sticks and bullets.

Bob Dylan was our poet laureate, he was able to articulate the thoughts and feeling of a generation who realized that we had been conned from birth.

Joan Baez sang like a heart broken angel, bringing out emotions that we were never taught to understand by watching Ozzy and Harriet.

Arlo Guthrie’s song “Alice’s Restaurant” did more to help end the enslavement of American citizens through “Selective Service” (That would be press ganging the poor and middle class into the army to be cannon fodder) than all the deep political debates ever did. (“How?” you ask. He focused the nation’s attention on the problem in a way that only Bards and Story Tellers can).

The list goes on.

During the great uprising of American youth that encompassed the Free Speech Movement, the Civil Rights Movement and the Anti War Movement, our lives were constantly informed by the music that carried the heart and soul of our collective endeavor.

Today I see nothing like it.

The new “Right” had successfully cut the heart out of America. There is no “Left” in mainstream politics anymore as far as I can tell. It was murdered In Dallas with a bullet to the head and buried in Chicago at the ’68 Democratic Convention.

I have spent this week listening to Radio, looking for the music that would help effectively mobilize people to confront the Bush regime and their plans for the New Christian Empire ™, but I find nothing.

So the poet laureate of this generation is that obese parasite Rush Limbaugh. You get what you deserve I guess.

I do know that the one thing that Bush-Corp fears more than anything else is someone with the passion and charisma of Martin Luther King stepping up to oppose their efforts to turn America into a Slave State. They fear a poet like Dylan shining the light of truth on their plans with the torch of music.

If people want to save our nation from the so called “conservatives” that are gutting us from both inside and out, we are going to have to find our poets again, and that means that we have to find our passion, if we have any left.

Personally, I don’t want to see the flower of American youth ground up for the greed and religious mania of a few power hungry individuals yet again.

So where is the music?


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