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Monday, December 20, 2004

The "Rules" Part Two

Musashi said "The Way is in training"

When Musashi uses the word "Way" He is referring to a rather specialized meaning. The word in Japanese is "Do" and it is hard to give an exact equivalent in English.

We can perhaps understand it al little better by contrasting the two Japanese terms "Jutsu" and "Do". Jutsu (also spelled jitsu) means "art", "technique", "method", "strategy" while Do means "path", "road", or "way", and implies a way of inner development.

So while Ai-Ki-Jutsu would mean "Mind-Spirit-Method" and give you good techniques for making people fall down and hurt themselves, Ai-Ki-Do would mean "Mind-Spirit-Way" and would suggest that you are working on inner development through making people fall down and hurt themselves.

So when Musashi says "Way" he means a set of skills that provide a structure for self development, such as Tea ceremony, Flower arrangement, Archery, or Fencing. The important thing to remember here is that pretty much any set of skills can become a "Do", it is all in the approach.

Then we have "training", what does Musashi mean by training?

Again it is a somewhat specialized meaning.

"Training" in this sense is not just learning a skill, but continual refinement and integration.

So when we train (with Musashi's understanding) we strive for greater and greater integration of body, mind and spirit, of structure, movement and breath.

There is no "upper limit" to this refinement, it is incremental, and as one progresses it also becomes more ephemeral.

So when Musashi says "The Way is in training" He is speaking of an ongoing process of refinement in one's chosen art. This refinement has no end to it and this kind of refinement in fact evolves as you do. As you progress there becomes less and less of the superfluous, leaving only what is essential.


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