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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

President Robert G. Mugabe of Zimbabwe is an Idiot

Of course if I were in Zimbabwe I couldn't say that out loud because President Robert G. Mugabe made it against the law to say anything unkind about him.

Mugabe represents all that is bad about Africa, a parasite that is too stupid not to kill its host.

After a time in Africa you realize that the best you can hope for in most countries are politicians that are not too greedy, ones who will not let their greed and avarice to drive out the most important resources on the continent, which is of course competent people.

This is something we have seen with every country that has freed itself from colonial rule, the first thing that the new government does is drive away the most educated and competent part of the population, which consists of mostly the non-Africans, Indians and Europeans that have made their home Africa.

You have to remember that colonial governments did not want to educate the local population to be anything other than peasant workers in the most menial jobs.

Now driving out non-Africans does relieve some of the hatred that people feel toward the colonials, but it is a lot like shooting yourself in the foot because you don't like a shoemaker.

Mugabe is a classic example of the kind of thug that has managed to take over political office in post colonial Africa, not very bright by half, caring nothing for his country, and only interested in stealing as much from the national treasury as possible while ruining the economy of Zimbabwe.
As this buffoon (yes I am taking every opportunity to insult this dolt, anyone who passes a law forbidding people to speak badly of him deserves as many insults as possible) takes the large commercial farms away from the whites (who are the only ones who know how to turn a profit with them at the moment) and hands them over to his relatives and cronies we see two things happening. First we see the migration of the educated, skilled people to places like Zambia, who welcomes that sort of expertise, and we see the farms given to people who have no idea of how to run them failing, and the economy of Zimbabwe going down the drain.

While it would seem like an intelligent thing to tap the knowledge base of non-Africans who cared enough about Africa to stay on after the colonial governments departed, we rarely see it because it is much more personally profitable for the parasites like Mugabe to keep anger directed at an outside target so that he and his friends can finish looting the country.

So while countries like Zambia, Uganda, and Tanzania benefit from the skills of non-Africans who make their homes in those countries, Zimbabwe is losing its best and brightest, both African and non African, Because of Mugabe and his rampant greed.

When Zimbabwe is completely looted, Mugabe will head for wherever he has stashed all the wealth he has taken from his country and live like a king while his countrymen starve.

We can only trust that like most stupid parasites he may be his own undoing.


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Anonymous said...

Indeed, Mugabe has to be the biggest idiot, if not an imbacile, of not only Africa, but the entire Earth. He likes blaming everyone else for Zimbabwe's problems just like a spoiled child. It seems obvious to everyone else except him. How sad.