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Thursday, December 09, 2004

More from the Bloggingsphere

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...........

It has been all of eighteen days since I started this experiment, so it seems like a good time to do a short update on my explorations of the Bloggingsphere. It is still astounding to me how many positive comments I have received about my effort here.

I have never liked writing all that much, and I have never kept a journal or anything like that. I have always been a story teller, a gift I think I must have acquired from my Apache Grandfather, who used to entertain us kids for hours with stories of all sorts. I have always preferred the spoken word to the written when it came to expressing myself.

But I am having fun with this, and I have gotten around the dislike of writing by just "talking with the keyboard".

But enough about me, on to the bloggingsphere.

First off, My friend Steve Barnes' blog is up, running and getting a good amount of interest.

The content is quite varied but with a strong focus on the craft of the writer. You may not realize that what you are reading will make you a better writer when he does things like a movie review. But what you are getting is a chance to see a screen play through the eyes of someone who understands the process from the inside out. Check him out sometime when you feel like you want to explore new ideas.

Speaking of writing, I have been enjoying a very interesting on-line novel called "The Sulbani Sagas" lately. It is a strange and interesting tale, quite mythic in its essence but set in a strange, post apocalyptic world. Check it out, it's fun.

I found a bit of high weirdness at Blogshares, a fantasy "stock market" for blogs. I haven't decided if this is incredibly lame or really smart on someone's part, I guess that will depend on who gets what kind of value from it.

The New

There are a couple of new blogs that I am reading these day that I would like to draw attention to.

The first is ophe's promise. This is written by a friend named Ruth. This blog is about life as seen through the eyes and camera lens of one unpretentious person. It is about the human condition. Reading this blog is likely to make you feel just a little lighter.

The second blog I am keeping an eye on is whalesoundervish, written by a young Sufi mystic named Azeem. The nice thing about reading a young Sufi mystic is that he is at the beginning of his journey rather than the end of it. This gives a whole different perspective to the process.

The Old

Over at the The Cool Blue Blog Frank is still slapping those naughty Democrats around. He thinks that Democratic party should become Federalists. That is the party of Alexander Hamilton, the elitist snob who had a total disdain for the common American, wanted a strong central government and a president that was much like a king. It is also the Party of John Adams, our second president who really wanted to be our first king. This is the same Adams who gave us the Alien and Sedition Acts, which are the great grand fathers of some of the most popular legislation in the last four years.

Perhaps Cool Blue has not noticed that these people are already in power. We already have the Federalists running the Whitehouse, what we need is the party of Jefferson to counterbalance them.

DisOrganization, the blog of writer Jennifer St. Clair, is still one of my favorite places to read. Her prose is engaging and she has the rare ability to draw you into her story. Though she doesn't write in the style of Steinbeck, she has that same feel of putting meaning to the "everyday" story of a person.

Ecce Mulier is like good Blues, it tells the truth. The writing here is like that of some of the best "Beat" poets, only totally different. It reveals facets of life that are often not comfortable, but are worth thinking about.

small flightless bird is still one of my favorites. I like the Canadian perspective and I like the way this guy looks at events.

AnthroGal's World, what do I like about this blog? I like the perspective. It is perhaps because we share a couple of interests. I also took my first degree in anthropology, and the observations made on this blog have a familiar feel sometimes in that way. I enjoy people who go their own way and thin their own thoughts. It is one of the better things in life.

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