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Friday, December 31, 2004

Is America Cheap?

America pledges only 350 million to disaster relief

I have to admit, this one really pisses me off, various entities are calling the US cheap for only kicking in a measly 350 million US.

Now admittedly the US started out with 15 million, then bumped it up to 35 million before arriving at 350 million. But is that a reason to call America cheap?

I have to admit that I get a little ticked off when the US is everyone's "Great Satan" until such time as they need money, then we are cheap for only giving more than everyone else.

I wonder why no one has bothered to call Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and the Emirates cheap? Were not the some of the countries hardest hit (Indonesia, Malaysia) Muslim countries?

Of course anyone who has spent time in these Arab countries knows that the Arabs living there regard Indonesians and Malaysians and fit only for menial labor, domestic service and as sex slaves. But no one bothers to point this out.

The Richest Arab countries combined had not even matched the 35 million that the US has come up with so far, and they have the moral duty to provide the most help to their Muslim brothers and sisters at least. So far, the richest Arab countries have come up with nothing more that pocket change to help the relief efforts, but no one has taken them to task for this.

What's up with that?

If the UN and everybody else that thinks that the US should be giving more money would get their collective heads out of their arses and start putting some pressure on the Rich Arab countries to bear some of the burden of helping the countries that they have so long exploited for cheap labor and sex toys I would feel a little better about my country giving so much of the money we need for services back home to help the relief effort.

As for the people (who are never the ones digging into their own pockets) who want to call Americans cheap I have only one reply,

Bugger Off!


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