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Monday, December 20, 2004

Dialog on the Nazifacation of America

Being as a comment can only have 1000 characters per comment, I have moved this dialog to the main blog as I think it is important to examine these issues.

This is a dialog between my friend Frank, who is a right wing Bush supporter and myself (I am not sure what to call myself, not a liberal, (the last time someone got in my face and called me a "liberal" I broke his jaw, he meant it as an insult and it seemed the best way to respond at the time) Not a progressive because I support stuff that the progressives don't like. I usually just think of myself as an American. Someone who loves the freedom that our Constitution gives us and hates seeing real American values given over for the so called "conservative agenda".

So here is the dialog

Frank Says (in reply to my last column) :

First, public opinion is not public policy.

Second, such a thing was done to Japanese during WWII without America turing into Nazis.

And finally, when the Bush Administration does not limit the rights of Muslims in America, will you apologize for all the ad hominum attacks you have made now and in the past?

I won't hold my breath.

I reply:
Frank, you depress me. It is sad to see you turning into a cog in the Bush administration's propaganda machine.

Yes Frank, when we imprisoned all those American citizens in the camps out by Bishop we became just like the Nazis. I visited those camps, they were prisons that were no better than what the Nazis had built for the Jews. (and I have visited those as well so I have something to compare)

And no, public opinion is not public policy, but public opinion drives public policy and the Bush administration drives public opinion with its fear tactics.

The real question is Frank, will you be able to look yourself in the mirror when you find out how badly you have been duped?

Frank answers:
Wake me when when your predictions reach fruition.


And while the interrment of the Japanese was a mistake, it can in no way be equated with the Nazi death camps.

And to say so is as ridiculous as to say that Iraq is the equivalent of Poland.

You accuse the Administration of propogating the politics of fear while at the same time speaking of the "Nazification" of America,, blind to the irony.

And I come back with:
Frank, you need to wake up BEFORE this gets that out of hand.

I wonder Frank, when was the last time you found anything to criticize about Bush and his cronies? All I ever see from you any more is unbridled praise. It used to be that I would have some difficulty predicting how you would respond to something, but not any more, these days you just tow the party line. When was the last time you stopped to actually examine these issues?

One thing I find very disturbing is that you keep referring to the interment prisoners as "Japanese". They were Americans Frank, not Japanese. These were American citizens who were stripped of their possessions and imprisoned without trial. These were American citizens who's only "crime" was that their ancestors were Japanese. Why can't you see them as American Frank? Is it only whites that are real Americans?

The only difference I can see between the US internment and the Nazi internment is that the Nazis killed a lot more prisoners, we just took everything they owned from them and ruined their lives. And this happened what, less than 60 years ago?

So tell me Frank, why is the comparison between Poland and Iraq "ridiculous
" (other than the fact that you ridicule anyone and anything that is not supportive of Bush). Have you actually taken a look at the parallels or are you just reading from the "GOP manual for pulling the wool over the eyes of Americans"?

Frank, you need to wake up from your right wing fantasies and start doing some real research. Right now you first premises is twisted by your political bias.

So there you have the basic discussion.

As I see it we have a few issues here. First, should the fact that a poll from Cornell university tells us that 44% of Americans want to take away the liberties of American citizens who are Muslim. Frank doesn't think so, I do.

Second, should we view the people who the US government locked up in the internment camps out by Bishop CA to be Japanese or American? They were US citizens, but they were not white. Frank keeps calling them Japanese, I keep calling them American, which one is correct?

Third, are there any parallels between the Nazi invasion of Poland and the US invasion of Iraq. The best thing to do here is go to your history books and check it out. What were the reasons that Hitler gave for invading Poland? What were the real reasons?

You figure it out, then let people know what you think.


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