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Sunday, November 28, 2004

War and Killing

I have been hearing a lot of talk recently about the Marine who shot the wounded Iraqi fighter during the take over of Fallujah. You can read some comments about it here The Cool Blue Blog: Unconscionable.(my favorite "Right Wing" blog).

(If you want to get any kind of real view as to what is going on in the world you have to read both the Left, the Right, and the Middle, take all the data and divide by two, then add a large pinch of salt, only then is it possible that you may catch a quick glimpse of reality.)

Since the shooting was caught on tape, we have all sorts of spins being put on the event.

Some people are saying "Oh, that poor Iraqi solder, did you see how that Marine just shot him, FOR NO REASON!"

And other people are saying "Served him right for messing with the manifest Destiny of America! Kill them all, I say".

And of course pro-Wahabi groups are making a big deal out of the "Evil Marine's heartless killing of the wounded Iraqi Freedom Fighter." A sentiment notably lacking when Iraqis cut the heads off non-combatants, and murder women in direct opposition to the instructions on ethical warfare as laid out by the Quran and the Prophet of Islam).

All these people are missing the point! If you are in a war, and you walk by a pile of enemy dead, and you see one of them starting to move, you are SUPPOSED to shoot him.

Do you know how many solders have been killed by dead enemy troops after they walked by them?

In the history of warfare the number is too high to count. Since the first cave man played dead until his rival walked past, then got up and hit him in the head with a rock, till today, it is a tactic that has been used millions of times, and has taken millions of lives.

You will also find that the "enemy" (whoever they are this week) will booby-trap dead bodies and wounded solders, both his and ours.

Shucks, if it had been me going into the room, I would have shot the guy as well. It is very embarrassing to be shot in the back by the corpse you just passed.

The problem is that people no longer understand what Warfare is. It has become a big media event used to further political careers and to sell all manner of consumer products. War has become entertainment.

So let me explain to you what war is.

War is where a group of people (let's call them group A) goes over to the home turf of another group of people (group B) and starts killing members of the second group until they agree to do whatever Group A wants them to do. Or, in some cases Group B proves to be to tough, and Group A gives up and goes home. When that happens, sometimes Group B will go to the home of Group A and start killing them until THEY agree to do what Group B wants.

When you take away all the flag waving, self-serving moral justifications, religious hype, and "He said/She said" B.S., that is war.

If you want to have a war with someone else, then you need to tell the media to go sit in a corner while your military goes in and kills people until they give up and do what you want them to do.

And you need to do it quickly.
Sun Tzu said:
When making war, seek a quick victory.

A drawn out war will blunt weapons and dampen ardor.

If troops lay siege to a walled city, their strength will be exhausted.

If the army is exposed to a prolonged campaign, the nation's resources will not suffice.

When weapons are blunted, and ardor dampened, strength exhausted, and resources depleted, the neighboring rulers will take advantage of these complications.
Just take a look at the Viet Nam war, it is a classic example of not paying attention to the above statement, with the extra added insanity of politicians playing to the media at the expense of the lives of the troops.

Do you know how incredibly stupid and wasteful of human lives it is to fight a war based on ratings?

So, if the American people want to fight a war they should tell the media boys to sit down, shut up and let the military do their jobs without interference from arm-chair generals, or wimp politicians trying to lubricate their careers with the blood of solders.

Or better yet, send the reporters along with their cameras so we can all see what war is like.

Maybe we need to see some nineteen year old kid laying on the ground, trying to hold his intestines in and crying for his mother, maybe we should see children with their limbs blown off, or a baby sitting in the dirt, holding its mother's head, crying, with the mother's body in several pieces around her.

maybe we need to see some young marine put a bullet in an enemy solder who may be playing opossum, because he is scared, and exhausted and wants to make it home to his girlfriend, so he can feel loved by her rather than frightened all the time.

And we should have a big red banner across the TV screen saying


Because it is you know. This is still a Democracy, a country ruled by the people. So what is being done in Iraq is being done in your name. If you approve of the war then stop sniveling about solders doing their job, and doing it in such a way that they have a chance of coming home again.

If you do not approve of the war, the rather than lynching some kid who was just trying to stay alive in a place where everyone wants to kill him, get on the cases of the politicians who you put in office and tell them to get us the hell out of Iraq. If they don't, then recall them and put someone in office who will listen to the will of the people.

That's the direction I take. I am pretty sure that the guy in the White House is insane and we really need to start taking responsibility for the actions of our government. After all, It still belongs to us.

So if you support the war, then stop complaining that people are doing things that are not proper in polite society, like shooting people who just might be hoping to shoot you and your friends in the back. Take A Look at what is being done in your name, count the body bags coming home. That is what is happening because YOU want it to happen.

And if you don't like the war, work to stop it. Recall your representatives, impeach Bush, Demand a full disclosure of who is profiting from this war.

But don't scapegoat some poor kid who just wants to make it through the hell we sent him to, and is doing what he must to survive, and don't blame the camera man for showing us what it takes to survive.


Lobo said...

Sad to say two things are missing from the whitehose Powell and combat experience. Either would tell them you dont tie one hand behind a warriors back and tell him he is now a police man and expect it to work.

Love the site so far still reading.

Temple said...

I read this article today. It is Wednesday, 12 August 2009. Everything written here is still painfully valid-- I am currently serving my second tour of duty in the US Army over here, and the lengths and pains that the government (and therefore my superiors) go through to make us *look good* as opposed to being able to functionally complete our mission and go home is sickening. My unit lost 31 soldiers last tour-- one of the highest per capita KIA rates in the Army in the history of this war. And we're back here now, being told that we have to get cuddly with the guys who were blowing my friends into pieces so small we used trash bags to bring them back to the FOB last tour. Its a mental disconnect that just doesnt work. This isn't a war anymore. I dont know what it is... but war it ain't.