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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Cool Blue Blog: A State's right

The Cool Blue Blog: A State's right

Now here is something we can all agree about (and if Frank and I can agree about something you know it has to be true).

The federal government has taken draconian measures to stop States from being able to implement laws that have been passed by the people on the issue of medical marijuana use.

Whatever your opinion on medical marijuana use, if you are not concerned about the Federal government arrogating so much control to itself over what should be a State issue, then you had better take another look.

Personally, I have always found it suspect that the GOP, who is always talking about goverment getting too big, and having too much control, supports crushing State's rights and the will of the local people in this so strongly.

Of course if States let sick people use marijuana to feel better and cope with their illnesses, the DEA might get its budget cut, and drug comapnies (the biggest pushers in the world) might not be making so much money.

The only thing prohibition has ever served to do is fill up our prisons, glut the budgets of enforcement agencies and empower the criminal under-class to the point where they have more money and power than honest citizens.

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