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Thursday, November 25, 2004

An Armed Society? Part 2

It seems that I may have poked some sacred cows, or clasted someone's icon or something with my last post on this subject.

I even got a couple of messages forwarded to me from internet mailing lists where what I said was being discussed. (is that weird? It seem a little weird that I can say something and literally hundreds of people read it)

My favorite was a fellow from some kind of pro-gun forum who could only comment on a couple of spelling errors I made. I can never figure that one, even though I have seen it a lot on mailing lists. "Ha! Your argument is invalid and I may ignore it because you have miss-spelled a word and used a semi-colon rather than a comma!! Now I will taunt you with your mistake." (let he who has never miss-spelled throw the first stone)

It sort of reminds me of back when lots of Europeans thought that the Earth was flat and would kill people who disagreed with them. Now none of these people ever went out and checked to see if the world was in fact flat, they just assumed that whoever told them it was, were right and made it into a dogma.

personally, I like Heinlein a lot, he is one of my very favorite authors, but he is in fact a FICTION writer. And some of his ideas just don't stand up to actual objective experience.

If anyone wants to check out the proposition that "An armed society is a polite society", all they have to do is take a vacation. First spend two weeks in Sweden and then two weeks in Israel.

Swedes are, in my experience, the nicest most polite people in the world. Their whole culture is built on respect for each other.

Israelis on the other hand are just about the rudest, most abrasive people on the planet.

Sweden is not an armed society at all. Some people have guns for hunting, but that is about it. Israel is an armed society, lots of people have firearms so that they can defend themselves.

I would suggest that such clever generalizations as the one being discussed here are of very little use, and in fact operating from such assumptions can be dangerous when a person comes in contact with the real world.

Now I am not against people being armed, quite the opposite in fact. I just think that people should be a little more in touch with reality about what being armed does and does not do for you or your culture.

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